Monday, October 25, 2010

"Mom Cave"

Centsational Girl is having a "Mom Cave" contest. You can win a gift card from HomeGoods if yours is chosen. Check it out here.

We moved into our house about five months ago and I'm still working on things but one room I adore is my "mom cave". It is at the top of the stairs and I guess it was called a computer niche room for kids but I have made it my special place. It's probably the size of a walk in closet but it's perfect for me.

I have my favorite pictures, my dog collection (mostly Westies) and anything that makes me smile.

I do most of my creative stuff in here. If it gets too loud--I just close the door.

I would like to get a rug and a chair cover.

 Those cabinets are storage on top and a laundry shoot on the bottom.

 Behind the door I have eight clipboards on hooks to organize things that I'm working on.

It should be called "My Happy Place" because I love to work in here.


  1. You have a beautiful space! I love it! I love little nooks as opposed to a whole just feels cozier! I love the soft colour scheme.
    Wonderful job! Angie xo Visiting from CG.

  2. I have a very limitted amount of space to work with so thank you for inspiring me to make the most of it! Looks great! (We have the same last name, so I thought that ironic too!)

  3. Oh, I love the clipboard per project - great idea. I went with individual cork tiles, but I'm not really loving them. Good luck with the contest. Liz @

  4. It's just lovely. I think it should definitely be called your happy place! :)

  5. It sure is a happy place! I love it!


  6. What a perfect little space! We really don't need much, do we? Just something that is OURS - a kid-free zone.

  7. I love what you've done with the space! Seems like the perfect place to get away and get some work done.

  8. So clever! I love the clipboard idea. Good luck with the contest :)

  9. Your space is beautiful. I love the clipboard idea! I can see why you call it your happy place.

  10. What a pretty place and blog ;) Of course orange is one of my favorite've done a great job and wish you the best of luck. Fondly, Roberta

  11. Wow, such a pretty space, and absolutely love that you have a dog collection! Would love to know what shade of green you used, it's cheerful but soothing.

  12. The green is Sherwin Williams "recycled glass". I will have to post pictures of my Westie "Holly". My kids call it the shrine to the dog!

  13. great mom cave!! Love it! The color is so pretty, and it's so organized. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. Hi Lori~
    I love you "Happy Mom Cave"! what a FABulous place!
    How nice to have a special place to get away to and be productive if you choose!
    I love your clipboard concept....I'd love to hear a bit about your clipboard organization....I'm going to be featuring some "Beautiful Organization Solutions" in my January newsletter, so I am looking for creative solutions to share. If you are interested in sharing your organization solutions with me and I use any of them, I'd be happy to put a link back to your blog/website.
    You can email me at
    Have a beautiful and blessed New Year!
    ;-D Kathleen