Monday, January 3, 2011

Simplify in 2011!

There's nothing like staring a new year with a new attitude about organization. I just had a house full of people over the holidays and woke up Monday morning--overwhelmed! I didn't know where to begin. So I went to my computer and looked at my email and forgot that I had signed up for a free Command Central Binder pdf from Aby at Simplify 101. Then I started checking out her website and she had a pdf file that you could purchase called Clear Out the Holiday Clutter and I knew that's exactly what I needed. I bought it and printed it out and set out to accomplish the impossible with organizing my holiday decorations.

I want to chronicle my week of putting chaoas into calm and show you how I organize and declutter my holiday mess.

This is what my fireplace looked like at Christmas. I think it turned out great. But Christmas is over!!!!!

So today I focused on taking all the Christmas decorations out of the main living area and into a holding place (namely, my bedroom) so I could focus on cleaning and putting things back into place. I thought at first it would be overwhelming just doing that but I found myself pleased with being able to tackle one thing without starting something else (putting the decorations away). I used fresh pine in a lot of my decorations this year and believe me--I had a lot of little pine needles to clean up but I have to say I wasn't overwhelmed with all of that. Not only was I taking decorations down, I was also doing loads of laundry--so you can mutlitask some things as well.

Here are my bins that I labeled last year. I decorate by color (I know, it's a disease) and it's easiest if I store my decorations by color. Here are my bins for my red and gold decorations.

I was able to take down my tree, all the ornaments, my mantel decorations, and miscellaneous items on the main floor living area. Tomorrow I will tackle the Christmas items that I took to my bedroom and sort through those and box them up. I have given each day a task that I want to accomplish until it's completed.

Here is a before of my attic space (the after will be shown later this week).