Saturday, February 5, 2011

Antique Store

I found this new Antique store that is huge!! It says it's the biggest antique mall in the south and I believe it. I took my mom there last week and we didn't even cover half of it. There is a booth with some fabric remnants at a great price. In the pouring down rain--I went back over there. As I walking out, I spotted this lovely on the floor just calling my name. It will be perfect for the guest room!!! And the best part is I only paid $12 for it. I have more projects this weekend that I will be posting about in the upcoming week. Happy weekend!!

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  1. Hi Lori,
    I just saw your headboad post, after clicking over from Kim's. Wonderful job. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

    Isn't it wonderful discovering a new place to browse antiques and things. I have a few favorites. I am always excited at new discoveries. Your framed piece is beautiful.

    I am clicking to follow.

    Pat@Back Porch Musings